It is with profound joy and grateful heart, I take the pleasure of placing on record before this gathering the activities of Ursuline Public school Kanhiradukkam. Before touching the details I would like to mention that this Institution came into being in 2006 and affiliated to CBSE Delhi in 2012. It is managed by Ursuline Sisters of Mary Immaculate. It is established with a view to render quality education to young girls and boys in all sections of the society. The motto of our school is LOVE, TRUTH and Wisdom.


To Facilitate the all round development of the individual through a sound spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical education based on Gospel values of love, truth, wisdom, justice and peace to serve humanity.


Inspired by the spirit of Brigida, we shall contribute to the integral formation of the youth by the type of teaching which tends to bring about a personal synthesis between faith and culture and accompany them in their life journey.

The Achievers & The Accomplishes (our staff members)

Ursuline Public school is gifted with gentle, diligent and dedicated staff, fiercely motivated and committed to their duties and responsibilities. Henry Beecher says “ A man is educated who knows how to make a tool of every faculty, how to open it, how to keep it sharp and how to apply it to all practical purposes”. Our staff constantly and scrupulously strives to impart such an education which gives the students the ability and the skills necessary to face the future challenges of life successfully. Ursuline Public School has inherited from its foundress an insatiable thirst for quality education and a passion for excellence. We have at present an army of 22 well qualified and efficient teaching and 12 non teaching staff, who endeavor like a team to bring out the best from the students. The success of any organization depends on the dedication and efficiency of the people involved at the grassroots level. The real pillars of our spectacular success are our staff members. They have all along played a pivotal role in transforming the set goals into realities. It is my pleasure to express my deep sentiments of gratitude to every member of the staff whose dedicated efforts. Proved to be an asset to our institution. In the same breath, I express my thanks to all the teachers who worked with us and left us for good.


Our school is following CBSE syllabus and it is a matter of joy and pride to inform you that our students secured hundred percent results all these eight consecutive years in the all India Secondary Examination New Delhi. It is only apt to speak a little about CBSE Central Syllabus. The students are exposed to broad spectrum of subjects. This of course requires much study and preparation. Preparation of projects and assignments are compulsory part of curriculum. This system encourages them to be critical and creative. It inculcates in them a desire for extensive reading and develops a taste for research. In fact our students are young researchers. They sharpen their intellectual abilities through their activities.


Computer Lab: We have an elaborate computer lab equipped with latest system. The students make the best use of it to prepare their project.
Science Lab: The spirit of science is the spirit of discovery says Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam our late President. One of the most effective and existing ways of imparting knowledge to our students about the adventure of scientific discovery is through labs. We have three well equipped Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Laboratories to fulfill this objective.
The library: our library is an inexhaustible information resource centre is an added asset to our school. To inculcate the habit of reading in the children right from the primary classes special periods are allotted for the library activity. A full pledged library with more than 9000 books including reference books valuable encyclopedia various kinds of dictionaries; books of great writers are always welcoming the students. I am happy to inform you hat confederation of Indian industry of Madras sponsored 100 books to our library. Thanks to Nirmal Kumar Sir and Indian industry of Madras.


The members of school parliament were elected soon after the school reopened. Emin Binoy of class IX and Ebin Xavier Mathew of class VIII are elected as school pupil leader and Asst. leader respectively. All the activities of the school are conducted on the basis of house system. And thus four houses were formed namely Gandhi, Nehru, Nethaji and Tagore. Arts, sports science, social science, Mathematics , English and health clubs are active in the school. The entrance day of LKG kids were celebrated with great pomp and happiness.


Educational Tours not only widen the horizon of knowledge of the students but also help the students to appreciate the diverse cultural heritage of our country. They promote National Integration and foster deeper relationships among the students and teachers as well. In keeping with the spirit of Tourism and National Integration, Educational Tour is conducted every year.


It gives me great pleasure to place on record the many prizes and awards obtained from the various competitions held by the Kasaragod Sahodaya “Healthy mind in a healthy body and the practice makes man perfect “keeping this in mind two periods are set aside in a week for the PET.


In order to create awareness among the students and to make them understand their duty towards society, joining hands with Malayala manorama news paper , the management, staff and Nallapadam group of our school sponsored 12 years of education i.e, LKG to X to Fathimath Mehra the younger Sister of brutally lynched school boy Fahad of Govt H.S.S. kalliot it is necessary to makes the students aware of the countless blessings and graces we are receiving from God . Our students visited many centures of near by where the mentally and physically challenged students were taken care due to the effect of Endosulphan. Our students shared their time ,talents and gifts with them.Eco club play an important role In the campus.This help the students to have love towards the nature and have a taste for our own cultivation without any pesticides.


Onam was celebrated in a most fitting way echoing the rich and varied culture of kerala. PTA executive members prepared the sadhya for all. World environment day, Hiroshima day, Independence day, teachers day keralapiravi, and children’s day were also celebrated Christmas was celebrated very meaning fully.


The general body meeting of PTA was held on oct 12 th 2019. An executive committee consisting of 15 parents and teachers representatives was constituted. The generosity and good will along with their keen interest in the welfare of the school is a valuable support to the management. Parents have an ample opportunities to meet the teacher and to discuss the progress of their wards


Ursuline public school kanhiradukkam is a small leaf of a mighty tree . so in the month of June there was a get –together and an orientation class at Ursuline senior secondary school kannur by for all the teachers who are molding the future generation .Our teachers are also participating in the training programme conducted by CBSE at different centres.