Our Foundress

“Blessed Brigida Morello of Jesus, Foundress of the congregation of the Ursulines of Mary Immaculate, to which the sisters of the Ursuline Public School belong,lived in the seventeenth century in Piacenza, Italy. Born in a deep pious family, Brigida grew up and bloomed in an atmosphere of religious virtues and prayer.”Love of God and Neighbour” was her motto. For the realization of this, her ideal, She began her life of dedication and service in 1647 with the specific aim of educating young girls.After about 300 years, the missionary flame was kindled in India by the poiners who came to spend themselves in the service of others in this distant land.Greatly favored by grace from her early childhood, she possessed in a high degree the gifts of contemplation, prophecy and of miracles. Bridgit Morello, a name that has occupied a place in history. She was a mystic of the 17th century, endowed with special gifts of mystical union with God .At that time women hardly had any place in society. But this lady of vision overcame obstacles of all types. Petty wars and Industrial revolts had played havoc, creating instability in families. Women and children were the worst affected. Brigit could not be blind to the need of the hour. Responding to the call with six other ladies, Brigida dedicated herself to the cause of the education of the young girls. Thus was born the Congregation of the Ursulines of Mary Immaculate (UMI), at Piacenza, Italy on February 17th 1649.

Our Patronus

Founders and foundresses are among the prophets of the New Testament – chosen by God and commissioned with a task which is identical with the pressing need of their contemporary society – both within and without the Catholic Church. These great men and women fulfill their mission through activities that best answers the need. Thus St. Angela Merici recognized in her own day the urgent need of educating the young girls and preparing them for life assuring their responsibility and role as benefit their particular state of life. To this end she founded a congregation named after “St.Ursula” who was honoured as a patroness and model of educators of the young. This practice was followed not only in Italy, but all over Europe by similar Institutions founded for education and Christian formation of young girls.